Hello Spring!

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It’s warming up outside and we’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity to GET OUTSIDE! I’m mostly a fall/winter girl, but having a toddler has made me excited to get out and explore nature with her. There are so many fun activities to get into, plus we both get some much needed vitamin D!

We’re also getting out to see the flowers that are starting to bloom. This helps her to connect what we are reading to real life. We found some Daffodils growing at the end of the driveway, I thought it would be a great idea to go pick it. Little one was able to touch it, squeeze it, smell it, and try to eat it (yes, we’re still in the mouthing stage.) We have taken lots of walks since the weather has warmed up, and Little one is starting to notice the green leaves. She can tell the difference between Fall leaves and the fresh new Spring leaves. I love it! Again, she picks everyone up to “inspect it.”

Spring related indoor play

Felt activity board

I found these pretty cool felt flower garden kits at Target. My husband picked them out! So far they have been a hit. Right now there’s no specific way that she has to play with them, but I will say what she has if she shows it to me. She catches on really fast, so I’m sure “flower” will be a new word in her vocabulary! I plan to make a little flower box with her.

Park time

Park time!!!

We’ve also been park hopping! So far I’ve found 3 amazing parks that are toddler friendly. This gives me a peace of mind to just let her explore. No need to hover! She enjoys the independence and I can relax a little! The swing and the slide are her favorites. She could swing for hours if I let her!

What we’re reading for Spring

Currently reading

Little one LOVES her books! We’ve taken lots of trips to the local library to hunt for some spring related books. I still have a few more to check out, but she is enjoying these at the moment.

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting – This is a cute little story about a little girl who is making a flower box for her mother’s birthday. This book goes along with our felt flower garden. The illustrations are beautiful and so realistic. Little one can read this book over and over.

In The Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming – This is a cute story about what’s going on in the small pond. Little one loves to look at the pictures.

Hey Duck! by Carin Bramsen – This is a board book about a duck and his cat friend. It’s a funny little story. I think this one might be my favorite. Little one often asks to read it multiple times a day. She goes “duck” and points to the book, so I’d say it’s a hit!

A little later I plan to post about all of the books that we enjoyed for spring.

So tell me, have you gone out to enjoy the weather? What is your favorite Spring time activity? Leave a comment below!


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