Our Montessori Inspired Easter Basket

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Easter is just 8 days away! I know I’m late with this post, but this is the first year that I’ve done an Easter Basket. I didn’t do one last year since Little One was only about 6 months old. I try to stick to Montessori inspired play for Little One, so I decided to go that route with her Easter basket as well. After picking up a few things here and there, I think I finally have her Easter basket completed. 

Everything in this post I purchased myself. I tried to get things that I knew she would enjoy. Also, the goal is that she will be able to use everything more than once. 

Here’s what’s in Little Ones Easter Basket

Peg Game 

We go to Cracker Barrel often and Little One loves this game. She will hand either me or my husband all of the pegs, and then she will take each one and place them into the hole. It really keeps her occupied while waiting for the food. Plus, it’s screen free! Woohoo! I plan to keep this in the diaper bag to use at other restaurants. Yes, I know they are small pieces, but she will be supervised at all times with this. 

Wooden Eggs 

I found these wooden eggs at the Target Dollar Spot! This is an Eco friendly twist in the traditional plastic eggs. Little One will also get good use out of these after Easter. They were super cheap. Here’s a similar set of wooden eggs.

Threading Toy 

This was an Etsy find. I’ve tried to introduce threading to Little before, but I think the shoe string was a little challenging. Hopefully this will challenge her, but not cause her to get frustrated. 

Grow kit

I thought this would be perfect for spring. Plus, it will give Little One a chance to play in the dirt. I found our grow kit at Target, but here is a similar one.


I purchased two books that we have currently checked out from our local library. Hands Can and In the Small, Small Pond. Little one really seems to enjoy them. I thought since they were spring related they’d work perfect. 

I tried to keep this Easter basket super simple. It’s definitely easy to over spend on something as simple as an Easter basket. I hope this gave you some ideas for your child’s Easter basket.

So tell me, what’s in your Easter basket? Did you go for a DIY or store bought?


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