How I Became a Babywearing Mama

My Babywearing Journey

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I never thought I’d be a babywearing mama. I knew I needed the basics a stroller and a car seat that would fit into the stroller. Why? Well, because everyone else had these things and they seemed to work for them! Duh! Lol! 

Stroller Hunting

I thought a stroller would be my go to. I searched high and low for the best stroller to add to by baby registry. I spent WEEKS searching for the best one. I ended up going with the Chicco Activ3 Jogging stroller. I saw myself as that mom would be taking my baby for early morning walks in the stroller. I thought it would be great to use at the Zoo, or at Amusement Parks since it was so sturdy! I made sure the wheels were all rubber and not hollow plastic. I told you I researched! 

Long story short my daughter HATED and still HATES the stroller. Yep that stroller that I searched for sits in my trunk. It was only after a few times of lugging her in one arm, and pushing the stroller with the other that I gave up using the stroller. I knew I needed to find another way to get out and about. That’s when I stumbled upon babywearing. 

My Two Carriers

My first carrier was the Tula standard carrier. It is a SSC (soft structured carrier) and I absolutely love it. It was with this carrier that I discovered how I could get a few things done while LO napped in the carrier. 

My daughter was what they call a “high needs baby” she needed, and still needs to be held during naps. I was never that mom who could clean the whole house while baby napped. It wasn’t and still isn’t possible. However, having the carrier has made it possible for me to get a few things done throughout the day.

After purchasing the Tula about a month later I found the Boba Wrap. I decided to try it out and OMG I fell in love! The Boba is a stretchy wrap carrier. The nice thing about this was that it kept my LO super close and cuddled. It was my go to durning church when she was small because I could sit without feeling uncomfortable. 

So in Love

It was with these two carriers that me and my daughter fell in love with babywearing. She was happy because she was close and cuddled with mama. I was happy because she wasn’t upset. No more fondling around with a huge stroller while out and about. 

Babywearing has allowed me to suffice my LO’s need to be held close. It has allowed me to continue doing things I love to do while including my baby. We’ve gone hiking with the carrier, gone to the Zoo, gone to Disney, and the list goes on. I’m able to do all of this with little to no tears. She feels safe and she’s able to nap when she needs to.  

That’s my babywearing story in a nutshell. So tell me, do you currently babywear? If so how did you get started. I’d love to hear! 


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