How to Breastfeed in Public with Confidence

I still remember the first time I breastfed in public. I was so nervous! Like my heart was beating fast, I was sweating EVERYWHERE, not to mention I was exhausted from over thinking it! Once we were finally finished I was so glad it was over. Then I got to thinking, why on earth am I so afraid to do something so natural? After that day I told myself I would no longer feel “weird” about feeding my baby. I mean baby has to eat right? 

Here are a few things I did that made breastfeeding in public easier and less nerve-racking for me. 

Find a good spot

For me a good spot is somewhere I can nurse without being concerned if I’m exposed. My LO likes to eat and look. Which is fine but when you’re at a park it can be a little much! When we’re out in the open at say a park or hiking, I tend to find a bench off by itself. My husband is with me majority of the time so I never worry about someone saying something! Haha, I know he’s got my back. Luckily I’ve never gotten dirty looks or rude comments.

A little nap at the park after some mama milk!

Find a good nursing cover 

I will say although my LO hated and still hates the nursing cover, it’s definitely helpful when you’re in a location where you can’t find a quiet spot.

Here is my go to nursing cover, I got this cover from Car Seat Canopy. It was easy to bring with me and it wasn’t extra hot. I got a free coupon for this in one of those free baggies you get when you make a registry. All I had to do was pay shipping.

Nurse in a carrier 

If you know me then you know I LOVE babywearing, I mean love it! I can do practically anything since LO is content because she’s close. Nursing in the carrier take a little bit of practice, but once you and baby have figured it out it’s super easy. 

Betcha didn’t know she was nursing! 

Find a dressing room

If you’re like me and you have an easily distractible baby sometimes getting a feed in out in the open isn’t gonna work. I started using a dressing room early on. It’s quiet, often dim, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll have someplace to sit and relax. Sometimes I will inform someone that I’m going to feed sometimes I don’t, it depends on LO’s urgency. 

Here we are after a little post dressing room feed! 

Plan ahead 

If you’re going somewhere large like a museum, a theme park, or a mall do your research. A lot of places have specific areas where you can go and nursing. This gives you and baby some quiet time. We went on family vacation last year and I knew every nursing room location. Haha! I might not have made it to some of them but it was nice knowing where they are. 

Here we are at a nursing room in the Science Museum. It was nice and clean!

Remember to be Confident

I hope you’re able to use some of these ideas when nursing in public. You’ve got this mama! You’re choosing to feed your baby in the most natural way possible. I know it’s easier said than done, but majority of the time no one is really focused on what you’re doing. Find a spot that you feel most comfortable. Some people are fine wherever, some people desire a little privacy. Which ever person you are do it! Also, if you see another mom nursing go give her some encouragement. I know every time I saw another nursing mom it gave me a boost.


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