5 Books to Read With Your Toddler This Summer.

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Reading with your children is so important. Little One has a very large vocabulary, and I want to believe it’s because I’ve read to her since she was born. She loves reading and brings me books throughout the day. 

We take a trip to the library once a week. The library is the perfect place to try out books before you purchase them. Before you head to the library, I recommend searching the online catalog to save time.

Today I’m going to share with you five of Little One’s favorite summer books. 

5 Books to Read With Your Toddler This Summer

Leo Can Swim

Leo can swim is a must-read. This has to be Little One’s FAVORITE book! She could literally read it all day. She often stops during the day and says ”Leo.” This book would be perfect for reading during the summer or before taking swim lessons. I HIGHLY recommend this book. 

All About Oceans  

All About Oceans is a nonfiction book. It has simple words and lovely pictures. I like to throw in a few no fiction books in every once in a while. Little One enjoys it and it is great for her to see real animals. 

A Beach Tail

A Beach Tail is a story about a little boy drawing in the sand. His dad tells him to start nearby, but he gets caught up in his imagination while finding things along the way. I think you and your child will love going on this journey with him. 

And Then Comes Summer

And Then Comes Summer has nice pictures. I think this book would be better for older children, say 5 or 6 reading-wise it can get a little wordy for a toddler. We go through and point out different things we can find on the pages. 

What Can You Do In The Sun

What Can You Do In the Sun is the perfect book for summer. It has minimal words and nice illustrations. Little One can read this book over and over. 

That’s it for today. I hope this post helps you build a summer book collection for your toddler! Let me know in the comments below if you love these books, or let me know if you have other book suggestions.


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