3 Baby Items I wish I had

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Trying to decide what you really need for baby is difficult. I thought I had it all figured out, I was wrong!

There are three things that I wish I had purchased for my baby. They may seem like a no brainer to some, but I was trying to cut costs, and for some reason I thought I could do without these items. #momfail!

So let’s get into the list, shall we!

Baby Monitor

For some reason I didn’t think I needed a baby monitor. I have no idea why, but I definitely wish I had one.

Phantom cries are SO REAL! If you’re a soon to be mama get ready! They happen at the worst time! Like when you’re trying to shower for 5 mins. Nothing is worse than waking up a sleeping baby because you “thought” you heard them! The struggle is so real!!!

Baby Gate

O.M.G Mama, please save your sanity and get a baby gate! Once your baby starts crawling they will be into EVERYTHING! I mean everything! My goal was to limit how much I said “no”, let’s just say it was very difficult.

Having a “yes space” is so important! Babies love to explore, and you are both happier when they can explore freely.

Again, this was one of those trying to cut costs things!


Now this isn’t a necessity, but it would have been nice to have. Little One was a whopping 5lbs 12oz, and I struggled to get comfortable when nursing her. I could never find a good position, and for some reason I though a papasan chair was a good idea! Again, #momfail!

I was able to nurse her in a glider once at BuyBuyBaby. It was AMAZING! She loved it and so did I! I had back support, my arms weren’t struggling to hold up her head. It was like a totally different experience!

One more item that I did purchase that I feel is a necessity was a baby carrier! You can read about my love for it here. It’s seriously a life saver!

So there you go, three items that I wish I had for my baby!

What about you guys? Is there anything that you wish you had purchased as a new mom? Comment below and let me know!


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